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Jens Peter Dahl-Jensen (1874-1960)

Jens Peter Dahl-Jensen (Denmark) was born in the small town of Nibe in Jutland in 1874, the son of a cabinet maker. He became apprenticed to a joiner in Aalborg and at the same time as learning the cabinet making and wood carving trade, he became interested in modeling. He soon realised that the art of sculpture was his field of work and started producing animals in wood. After attending the Technical College in Aalborg, he was awarded a silver medal for his work and this gave him the opportunity to study at the Royal Academy of Arts in Copenhagen from 1894 to 1897. He began to take lessons from Vilhelm Bissen, a master sculptor of the time and he also sudied in Berlin and Dresden. After his final examinations at the Royal Academy, he went on to Switzerland and Italy for further education. Following his travels abroad, he was appointed as sculptor at the Bing & Grondahl factory, where he worked until 1917, producing many fine sculptures, mainly of animals. From 1917 to 1925, Dahl-Jensen was the manager of the Bing & Grondahl factory in Norden. Between 1901 and 1925 he exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts at Charlottenborg and at Malmo, Berlin, Munich and San Francisco.

In 1925 he setup a small factory of his own on the north-western outskirts of Copenhagen and the Dahl-Jensen porcelain factory was born. In the early years, most of the sales were to the USA and it was only later that sculptures were exported to other coutries. As sales increased, the works of other sculptors were included in the production, although it was Dahl-Jensen himself who produced about 280 of the 400 models in the production line.

Jens Peter Dahl-Jensen died in 1960, aged 86, and he worked almost to the end of his life. His factory closed in 1985, but his works can still be found on the second-hand market and they are greatly admired throughout the world.

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