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George Stubbs (1724-1806)

George Stubbs was born in Liverpool, England on 24th August 1724 and began to study anatomy at the age of eight. He became a pupil of Hamlet Winstanley when he was fifteen, but they soon fell out and thereafter he resolved to teach himself and to 'look into Nature for himself and consult and study her only'. He made a great study of anatomy and published 'The Anatomy of the Horse' in 1766. This was the first work to define clearly the structural form of the horse, and gave him a European reputation. His reputation as a painter of horses continued to grow and he obtained many important commissions, painting the most notable racers of his day.

Stubbs painted in enamel and engraved in addition to his paintings and he executed many paintings of dogs and rustic scenes as well as horses. He was not an imaginative painter but reproduced exactly what he saw. As a realistic painter of horses, his lifelike accuracy of form and movement has never been surpassed. He died on July 10th 1806.

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