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Louis Wain (1860-1939)

Louis Wain (1860-1939) was an English artist who was most famous for his drawings of cats, although he also produced quite a number of pictures of dogs.

He started to draw cats in his early twenties and by the beginning of the 20thC, he was a household name, as he had created the Louis Wain Cat, a special type of mischievous feline which found universal acclaim. He was obsessed with drawing cats, and when the demand for them eventually diminished, he descended into poverty and became mentally ill. He was admitted to a mental hospital. After some years, he was "discovered" there, and a number of influential people set up a fund to enable him to spend the rest of his days in comfort. He died in 1939.

In the late '60s there was a revival of interest in his work after the publication of a book by Rodney Dale entitled "Louis Wain: The Man who Drew Cats". His work then became highly collectable and is much sought-after.

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